The Viking journey has started – 7 years to Financial Independence

I am a 27-year old Scandinavian with a carefully crafted plan to become financially independent and retire before the age of 35, see the popular blog post The Leprechaun that will never die. As I am currently living in one of the heaviest taxed countries in the world (Sweden), I choose to see this as an additional challenge. After some research I have discovered that there is actually a name for us enthusiastic fools, FIRE. Financially Independent Retire Early, and therefore name myself as the Fire Viking. Disregarding the semi-pretentious sound of this I do find it successfully covering the goal of my plan, so I’ll stick with it.

fire viking

What am I doing on this blog?

I have found that there is a substantial lack of Scandinavians (Europeans even) out there with financial independence as a sound goal. Sure, the subject will be dabbled over a late night glass of wine, but never concretized and purposefully lived after as a set goal, the way I am aiming to do. Most blogs about the subject are Canadian or American. I believe my strategy to reach financial independence will not differ substantially from any North Americans, but perhaps the reasoning behind will and this is why I have decided to shed some light and insight to my journey.

In addition to above, Scandinavia is also home to the most coherent well-fare states in the world, and thus subject to some heavy taxation. This is not something that will have a major impact of my strategy, and I don’t see very much delay in the time it will take me to save up enough capital to retire, compared to if I would would be doing the same journey from North America. More on this subject to come. Feel free to ask any questions about being a Fire Viking!