But why? It’s not like it is that simple?



But it really is.

My definition of Financial Independence is the following: I want to be able to have essentially the same expenses as I have now, and live in the same manner as I do now, without having to work. That is really the definition financial independence.

That being said, who knows what I will feel like doing on the day I reach this goal, I might continue working with the same thing I do now, for the simple reason that it keeps me challenged and I learn new things. But it will be an incredible relief to know that I am not guided by some unconscious pull toward survival that tweaks me into believing I am content where I am simply because I know it is the safest route to a continued income-stream = comfortable life I currently lead. I will be able to do exactly whatever I want to, whenever I want to. This is the biggest pull for independence for me.


I talk about this in my blog post The core.



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