How did it all start?

I will break up the story of how I ended up here in a few different parts.

How did I get here?

As I have mentioned earlier, I am a Scandinavian born and bred, and so is my boyfriend. Who luckily agreed to venture out on this adventure along with me. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have the aligned partner priorities as you do if you are planning to become financially independent.

You are either with someone who agrees with you on the plan and is equally committed to it, or you should be single and do this alone. It will be very difficult otherwise. But I would love to hear from someone who tried this and succeeded with a partner that is was not fully committed to the cause, so feel free to challenge me on this if you hear from anyone that tells you the opposite.

Partner priorities is about caring

At a brief point in my early life before venturing into Software Engineering I wanted to work with investment management. The concept of financial markets intrigued me, and as I read up on the subject it continued to speak to me. It couldn’t just work, putting in money, and then just having it grow by itself without doing anything, and with no catch?. At this point in time I was still in high school and all of a sudden it was 2009 and the financial crisis happened. Without lingering on to this subject for too long (I just need to once again advocate for the champion country of Iceland who literally heaved themselves up from bankruptcy in the worst financial crisis we have seen in modern times!! So little credit is given to them for this and I have always found it so strange). Maybe that is why we named our pile of gold (money) more to that in The Leprechaun that will never die.

Sidenote over, – financial crisis happened, and I remember how I over and over told myself ( told myself and no one else because oddly there were no girls in my high school who shared this interest or cared the least bit about the subject. Clearly I was one of the cool kids when I grew up, if that is not blatantly obvious) how vicious it was taht this crisis happened now, when I was too young to have any money whatsoever to invest in, and it was so obvious that the market had completely tanked and it was the golden time for heaving in money.

Whether this would have been a good strategy or not, I recall this as evidence for how the subject of financial investments have always interested me.

I have continuously been investing money since I got my first post-uni-actually-paying job at the age of 24. And yes, in Scandi we are a bit later with university and all that. Time is taked to travel the world before we enroll and if for no other reason it intrigues us why not more people have a longing taste for the freedom associated with these past years. It might be tied to the nature of partner priorities, where the priorities might differ between relationships. Naturally, the next time I am able to roam freely like this it will be under a completely different context. It is nonetheless very interesting that this idea of a life independent of a time-consuming job has not grasped more peoples interest over here.

Oh well, it may as well start now.

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