By Month!

Annual Income can be read anywhere and in any blog related to Financial Independence. In Sweden, you never talk about salary as an annual income. There is no such thing as a person asking you how much you make, and you respond with ze totales of what you have brought in that year. In the Viking part of the world, we speak of ze money and ze salary in terms of what you get a month.

Annual income vs Monthly Income

If you are negotiating salary, you will speak about this as your monthly income. You get a raise? Monthly percentage, for sure. Even paid vacation days can be measured in months. My past Swedish boss asked me “what month I was taking off” last summer, implicitly asking if I would be gone for June or July. Terrifying experience for the project team I was working with in London at the time as the 1 month off didn’t resonate that well with the plans (I took July, if you are interested).

Fun trick: next time you happen upon a Scandinavian, ask them about the annual cost/price/income of anything . Than you watch their eyes roll back as they are trying to multiply whatever number they are thinking of with 12. They will desperately be trying to keep their Scandinavian cool and not admitting it is terribly confusing (as they will also try to convert it to a standard currency like USD or EURO, taking whatever number thy are getting x108). Try try try! it will be fun!

If you are interested in why I am talking about financial independence related to the nordics or any country with high tax. See my first blog The Viking journey has started – 7 years to Financial Independence in why I am seeing the need for it.


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