The Holidays are coming up: 3 steps to save money during this time

Mr Viking and I have had a tendency to head off to the most exotic location we can think of during the holidays. This tended to cost a lot of money, as you may understand and doesn’t rhyme well with our 7 year goal to Financial Independence.  This year we have worked out a strategy to avoid this period being the cost-peak of the year. The goal is to save as much money as every other month of the year. This way we will stay on point, and continue to work towards making the leprechaun happy, even if it is christmas 🙂

3 steps to save money during the holidays:

  1. Stay at home over the holidays (i.e. no travel abroad). No expensive resort or impossible flight connections that costs a fortune. Staying where you are with friends and family is in itself not a radical thing to do. But for us, it is going to be a massive saver right there.
  2. We have made a deal with our closest friends and family. They are not giving us any gifts for christmas this year, and vice versa. Everyone we spoke to about this was very happy. This means that they don’t have to go through the shopping frenzy of buying yet another kitchen-device that will never be used while receiving something similarly unnecessary same.  Saving money not having to buy (or receive!) unnecessary gifts never to be used seems reasonable.
  3. Planning. Last minute maniacs as we are, we normally stumble into the closest bar we can find when the clock approaches midnight. Christmas ham is being bought last minute at the local delicates store -read 10x more expensive than buying it in time  at the larger store 5 km away. This year, it will be all set. We have a meticulously planned list over where and what we are going to do. In all honesty, we will probably never go through this insane planning process again. However, it will work as a very good benchmark for us. We will know how much time and money can be spent when doing this. Which will hopefully incentivize us to do it at least half-way in the years to come.

What do you think?


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  1. About gifting, or not: They decided to do ‘secret santa’ at work this year with the whole department. They didn’t pull names (via a computer program) until the Monday and we were supposed to gift on Friday! Tuesday an email went around that it wasn’t right and we would have to pull from a cup instead. I pulled my own name! Honest person that I am, I reported it and pulled again. If I had it to do over, maybe I’d keep it and gift myself and extra $20 in savings. 🙂 That sure would have been easier! Instead I had my boss, and the extra pressure that comes with making sure it’s a good gift, plus 3 days to shop. It was a success in the end, but what a lot of extra work!
    I get a small box of chocolates for my bosses, figuring it’s consumable or shareable.
    As we grow older and more disconnected it feels silly to be swapping $25 gift cards. I was much happier to treat my friend to the Escape Room we decided to do! I’d also rather have the money not locked up in a gift card, and instead have it in savings, or where I can invest it. Alas!
    Wishing you a great 2018!

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