What does it mean to “go viking”?

The origin of the word Viking is not, as we may think, one of pale, blonde pirates with big swords who killed his/her way across the continent. Back during what we (in Scandi)  refer to as the “viking age”, -c 700 A.D until 1100 A.D, the word Viking was used as a verb to describe someone who left his/her lands and explored other areas further away from home. The exploration was not necessarily accompanied by the picture we have today of such viking raids. The later imputed violence, robbery and blood-thirstiness is something that has been added to the word in later folklore. Surely, there were Viking expeditions of that precise kind, but the word was just as often used when venturing abroad to trade and sell copper, iron or other goods in a normal, peaceful manner.

To “go on viking” would have its closes resemblance with a combination of words that we today use for “explore”, “travel”, “adventure”, and “abroad”.

I like to think of my FIRE journey as a Viking journey of such.

What is your idea of Viking?



Heading off for the weekend with Mr Viking. We have to leave Darwin behind as we can’t bring him with us on the plane. Some people have wondered how it works from  FIRE perspective having to take care of a dog with all its additional costs.

We have been quite fortunate in that matter as both of us are allowed to have Darwin with us in our offices at work. We also have a lot of family and friends that are more than willing to dog-sit when we are both away traveling for work as well. Without this it would definitely be a huge cost, that we are now fortunately escaping.


What are your plans for the weekend?

Re my post about Etherium and cryptocurrencies

This post is about the cryptocurrency flu that seems to have caught up the whole world for the past year.

I previously wrote about it being strange that bitcoin rushed completely off the charts while Etherium did not show the same progress.

Little did I know Etherium was just a slow starter. It is now doing the same rush bitcoin did before the holidays and going steadily (well, for a cryptocurrency) upwards.

Other cryptocurrencies I am keeping an eye on right now:

  • Ripple
  • ADA

Why 2018 will be the year of the next financial crisis

The next financial crisis

The markets have been on an incredible high pretty much ever since the financial crisis in 09.  Around 2014 I started feeling a bit itchy, – everything is going too well. I have since become more and more convinced that the next financial crisis is just around the corner. This is why I believe next year will be the year of the next crash.

1 Unstable markets and the rise of cryptocurrencies:

More and more money is being invested in cryptocurrencies of different sorts. After the bitcoin boom late last year multiple other (less legitimate) cryptocurrencies have started to rise. The investors are less and less high risk traders and hackers and more and more our next-door neighbors. This means that if (when) these cryptocurrencies loose their value or becomes more regulated, it will affect normal people with average saving margins, thus exposing them to a lot of risk (= creating more volatility on the market and setting it up for a crash).

2 Time

Everything that goes up has to go down. It is simply not realistic to have a market trending upwards without any significant (smaller 10-percent little dips doesn’t really cut it) break to it in so many years. Everything that goes up will at some point in time have to go down (and at some point up again).

3 The mass effect

There is too much instability in the world right now to not expect it to take a larger toll on the financial markets than it has. A lot of people are starting to pull their investments out of the markets and into savings accounts, and when enough people do this, it will show in the larger indexes which in turn will confirm others suspicions of an upcoming recession and then incentivize them to also withdraw from the markets, creating a downward spiral.


What is your take on this? Are you also preparing for the next financial crisis to happen soon? 

Did I reach my blog goals?

4-week blog goals

A little over a month a go I set out some blog goals (over a 1000 views for example) that I wanted to achieve. See below how I did and which ones I managed to reach


The goals (above) was the following:

Blog Views: 1000

Twitter followers: 100

Instagram Followers: 100


The result?

…Drum roll……

2 out of 3 goals reached!!! Really cool!

Blog Views: 1837

Twitter followers: 121

Instagram followers: 47


I haven’t been that active on instagram since I find that most of the interesting stuff I read on social media comes from twitter, and then that becomes the natural channel to communicate from. But if you guys would like me to do more instagram stuff, let me know!!


Would love to hear where you guys are all from and how you ended up here! Comment away 😀 😀 


I just did the number one thing a blogger should not do

… went completely MIA for about a month.

Sincerest apologies guys, there was and still is a reason for this but I can’t disclose it just yet for personal reasons. Nonetheless, I am back with full force and should be blogging on as before. Kudos to those of you who has been checking in despite the emptiness the past few weeks.

Mr Viking and I have borrowed a friend’s summer house in Italy and spent the new year there in a last minute decision and are starting out the new year with some welcome freshness and sunlight.