Did I reach my blog goals?

A little over a month a go I set out some blog goals (over a 1000 views for example) that I wanted to achieve. See below how I did and which ones I managed to reach


The goals (above) was the following:

Blog Views: 1000

Twitter followers: 100

Instagram Followers: 100


The result?

…Drum roll……

2 out of 3 goals reached!!! Really cool!

Blog Views: 1837

Twitter followers: 121

Instagram followers: 47


I haven’t been that active on instagram since I find that most of the interesting stuff I read on social media comes from twitter, and then that becomes the natural channel to communicate from. But if you guys would like me to do more instagram stuff, let me know!!


Would love to hear where you guys are all from and how you ended up here! Comment away 😀 😀 


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