About me

Hi and welcome to the Swedish saga about Financial Independence, thoughts and our everyday frolicking through life. My name is Fredrika, or Freddie for short. I currently live and work in Sweden, sharing an apartment in Stockholm with my boyfriend, Mr Viking and our dog Darwin. The past few years we have spent living and working abroad, in the US and London among others. We are looking into relocating to another part of the world in the next year probably, both of us being avid fans of changing location and place of context every once in a while.
We are dreamers and longers and idealists, and want to explore and enjoy the world more freely. This is why we are working towards Financial Independence.
I briefly worked in Finance right after i finished school a few years ago, but besides that I am very much a hobby enthusiast when it comes to investments.
Happy to discuss anything above, please let me know if there is anything in particular you’d want me to elaborate on.
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Note: All subjects and opinions expressed in this blog are based on my own personal view, and not intended as financial advice of  any form.