Did I reach my blog goals?

4-week blog goals

A little over a month a go I set out some blog goals (over a 1000 views for example) that I wanted to achieve. See below how I did and which ones I managed to reach


The goals (above) was the following:

Blog Views: 1000

Twitter followers: 100

Instagram Followers: 100


The result?

…Drum roll……

2 out of 3 goals reached!!! Really cool!

Blog Views: 1837

Twitter followers: 121

Instagram followers: 47


I haven’t been that active on instagram since I find that most of the interesting stuff I read on social media comes from twitter, and then that becomes the natural channel to communicate from. But if you guys would like me to do more instagram stuff, let me know!!


Would love to hear where you guys are all from and how you ended up here! Comment away 😀 😀 


FireViking Goals – Blog goals

4-week blog goals

Purpose of TheFireViking – track Financial Independence goal

My purpose with starting this blog was to find a place to write down my thoughts and strategies concerning me and my boyfriend’s goal to become financially independent within the next decade, not setting strict blog goals. As I started writing I realized there were a whole community of people out here doing the same thing. An awesome community, may I add. This has led me to put more and more time into this blog and my interactions with the community around it, up to the point where I now want to clearly define this as a sub-project to the overarching goal of financial independence.

Fireviking now gets its own blog goals, hooray!

How many readers does a blog have after one month? Will I try to make money on my blog?

I am not yet ready to venture into the whole business of affiliate links, advertisements on the site and so on, but I do want to start setting some goals for myself on here nonetheless (if it is not already blatantly obvious, I am incisively competitive, and goal-setting is one of my favorite things).

The children of TheFireViking.com has sprung out onto Twitter, Instagram and to some extent, Pinterest (seriously struggling with this though) and I want to set monthly goals for all of these to track their progress.

When Fireviking is 4 weeks old, the following are my goals:

Blog views: 1000

Twitter followers: 100

Instagram followers: 100

Is this realistic? Or am I putting under-achieving goals here? I am realizing that these numbers probably grow a bit exponentially in the beginning but have no idea of how much, so didn’t really account for that.

How did your blog develop in the first month when you started?